Wikipedia traffic to Google fell dramatically from

In the last 3 months Google has dropped 250 million hits from Google. There is a suspicion that Google has changed the algorithm to support their companies, and put the information on Google.

You can see the dramatic reduction through statistical charts below:


Most SEO practitioners have acknowledged that Wikipedia is a great competitor. Wikipedia is free and they take away a lot of traffic with the result on top.

However, as you well know, Wikipedia is for us to set free link and from there people doing seo also get a lot of traffic from Wikipedia and is counterbalanced by Google ads.

Business Insider has requested a comment from Google but they do not get any feedback, so let us speculate.

One of Google's biggest change is the cut content from Wikipedia itself and in its search results. Here is one such example.


Google believes that showing as above will be helpful, however, that affects most of the results of the bottom, so the problem must wonder, have been answered already.

It's like a lot of result priority Youtube page Google search on it. When looking for the name of a singer or band they are displayed one huge video in search results. Too bad for the video below.

So this is a huge influence on the company's website content aggregators such as Wikipedia and especially Yelp. Yelp has many times complained to Google that they are playing bad, and the display of one such quotation will lose one large access the website.

Considering 1 equitably, perhaps when looking singer or band as above in Youtube, the first results can play always without pressing into view. It is also a fair thing.

Anyway, the Wikipedia is considered unlucky, and no temporary solution. Currently in the European Union EU to complain about Google being a monopoly in favor of the main product market distorting Google search on the site to compete with them.

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