Why Yahoo wants to 'kill' the start-up company

According to the technology site ReadWrite , since CEO Marissa Mayer took office on 7/ 2012 of 38 start-up companies are Yahoo acquisition , there were 31 service was shut down completely.

Yahoo : Buy a small company to " suck the blood " talent

It is hard to deny that in the recent past , Yahoo has begun to change very positive step on the road to recovery . However, one can also see that very often Yahoo acquired the company emerging entrepreneurs ( startup ) , and shortly after that , the very promising idea behind these companies are Yahoo ... killed .

According to the technology site ReadWrite , CEO beautiful since Marissa Mayer took office on 7/ 2012 of 38 start-up companies are Yahoo acquisition , there were 31 service was shut down completely. Obviously , this is not a pleasant thing for the believers used to using these services .

A typical example for the " killing " of Yahoo start-up ideas can mention Summly , aggregate news reader application is a teenage boy named Nick D' Aloisio developed . Shortly after the acquisition of Summly , Yahoo has shut down the service , and then try to integrate the features of the app Summly " Yahoo! " a failure on iOS .

While the Summly technology will be continued resurgence in Yahoo News Digest , the fate of the other services are Yahoo also acquired more tragic . Vizify , a service that provides data chart , vowed to shut down all services and cancel all the product immediately upon completion of the deal with Yahoo .

With the emerging services , Yahoo 's graveyard , Facebook is Heavenly !

Summly is " killed " immediately after the Yahoo acquisition

Why Yahoo to " buy to kill " the small company ?

The reason Yahoo acquisition consecutive series of start-up companies with high value and closed their services immediately is quite clear : to attract new talent to work for Yahoo . However, CEO Marissa Mayer clearly not necessary to kill this little service : why not develop the idea was successful before the service on a giant ?

According to ReadWrite , the combination of search services and mobile world is still in the initial stages of development : there are so many great ideas were put forward, but the number of companies able to execute the idea is a sure way is still very low . So , if Yahoo can solve the problem of finding a bridge between search and mobile services , the company certainly Marissa Mayer will have to resort to new ideas is acquired , rather than put them on death's door today.

Mirror of Facebook

No need to look far away , Yahoo can learn from Facebook : Mark Zuckerberg is currently working on the acquisition of a very adept manner . Typical examples would include Instagram , and even a $ 19 billion deal recently for WhatsApp .

With the emerging services , Yahoo 's graveyard , Facebook is Heavenly !

After acquiring Instagram in 2012 , the last year Facebook launched a short video recording feature for this photographic services . The result is a row Instagram hold position "top " on the app charts . In contrast , Vine ( Twitter ) , application pioneer that introduced the idea of ​​filming a short video now even struggled to keep the position in the top 40 . Instead of trying to integrate Instagram into Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had to work for this company almost independent like before the merger .

Yahoo does not understand is that the strategy of " buy services startup was successful " price "crisis " and keep such services continue to operate independently is almost entirely a proper strategy . Obviously , when closed Sparq ( applications create QR codes for businesses ) and virtual assistant Donna , Yahoo has vexed a not small amount of users . In contrast , the first thing that Facebook announced the acquisition WhatsApp is " WhatsApp will continue to operate as they have ."

Initial results for WhatsApp is very positive : before Facebook announced the acquisition of the $ 19 billion price , WhatsApp only ranked 40th on the iOS charts . Currently, WhatsApp is ranked 20th . Obviously , a lot of people liked the idea of ​​bringing this giant of services under the roof of Facebook .

With applications take four standing in the rankings iOS : Facebook ( 11 ) , Instagram ( 9 ) , WhatsApp ( 21 ) and Facebook Messenger ( 20 ) , Mark Zuckerberg is gain the upper hand on the market application services . Certainly , this is a lesson that both Yahoo , Google , Twitter and Microsoft have to mull .

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