The Internet will be like in 2025?

From its inception, the Internet has changed people's lives in many ways and in about a decade to change and will also impact becomes more profound.

Legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin film predicts only a "fad" temporary, The New York Times also served for it as "rocket never flew in orbit". It is an example of predictions about the future ... wrong stick. Indeed, predictions about the future of anything are difficult, especially in the technology sector with the pace of change can be measured in hours. Still, let's try to see what the experts think about the impact of the Internet for a period of 10 years.

1. You will even forget the presence of the Internet

Mạng Internet sẽ ra sao trong năm 2025? 1
"In the 2025, the Internet will spread everywhere but increasingly you will not realize its presence." David Clark, research scientist working at the Laboratory for Computer Science and artificial intelligence, MIT said. Along this perspective, director of the Information Sciences at the University of Southern California Joe Touj expressed opinions: "In a certain sense, the Internet will actually draw on things we interact daily and return an essential part ".

2. Internet will be "better" than any teacher
Mạng Internet sẽ ra sao trong năm 2025? 2

With tools like Wikipedia or Khan Academy, today's Internet is increasingly asserted its position in the field of educational support. Many studies also confirmed the above tools will be improved over time, which have equal status to compete with other forms of traditional education. Hal Varian, an economist working at Google, said: "The people have every right to access the vast knowledge that will bring a tremendous impact. A most ordinary people can also become the smartest person and millions like him will bring significant step for mankind. "

3. Internet changes so fast that you can not catch up
Mạng Internet sẽ ra sao trong năm 2025? 3

Philosopher and theorist Marshall McLuhan once said communication "We have created the tools and then the tool will" create "us". Many prominent scientists have expressed similar views. Accordingly, when the technology developing at a faster rate than ever before, many people are concerned that people will not realized the potential negative consequences associated with it. People will not fully aware of what they are most involved, what they are endorsed or generally what they are doing while online.

4. Break the physical barrier
Mạng Internet sẽ ra sao trong năm 2025? 4

Meanwhile, a pioneer in the information and communication sector, David Hughes stated the view that when anyone in the world can easily communicate two-way with someone though how far the distance is , the strength of the country in the control and management of each individual will begin to fade.

5. Internet will make people ... "super" lonely
Mạng Internet sẽ ra sao trong năm 2025? 5

Bob Briscoe, head of research at British Telecom are working worried that the increased level of interaction, it also becomes less "human" and less sustainable than go. From this fact, the Internet can lead to partial isolation. There is an interesting coincidence that the world's recent screen also welcomed the presence of the film "Her", tells the story of a man after the debacle in a love marriage ... operating system. Context of the film takes place in 2025.

6. Internet can also completely disappear
Mạng Internet sẽ ra sao trong năm 2025? 6

One famous computer engineer named Robert McGrath even shared his perspective in the perspective that the Internet yet will not even exist in 10 years time for reasons such as the threat of cyber attacks widespread coverage. And do you think the Internet will be like in 2025?

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