NSA uses Facebook to distribute malware and steal user information

A shaken information has been posted on the page when told newspaper NSA Intercept has used Facebook to spread malicious code onto a user's computer to steal information . Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg then had telephone conversations with President Obama on this issue .

According to information posted on The Intercept information site founded by Glenn Greenwald - former Guardian reporter who uncovered and classified documents related to the NSA provided by Edward Snowden , agency says U.S. National security ( NSA ) that have distributed malicious code on a user's computer via the Internet on a global campaign called TURBINE .

TURBINE is to be part of a campaign of large-scale intelligence called " Making Home network " , is able to penetrate into the 85,000 to 100,000 computers worldwide. Notably including QUANTUMHAND campaign has said that The Intercept using social networking tools like Facebook to spread malicious code and access to computers across the globe .


Facebook is being used as a tool to spread malware and tracking user ?

" When a target log into Facebook , NSA will send malicious packets to fool the victim's computer that they are sent from Facebook's servers . By hiding malicious code in the form of regular Facebook page , NSA can hack into victims' computers and covertly retrieve data from the hard drive , " said The Intercept .

"Even in many cases , the NSA also sending out spam malicious attachment that infects the computer when it is probable ambient sound from the microphone and capture images from webcams around on the computer " the Intercept adds .

According to The Intercept , special intelligence campaign was initiated NSA from 2010 to the present. The data collected will be sharing NSA intelligence with other agencies in the UK , Canada , Australia or New Zealand ...

NSA denied the allegations , CEO Mark Zuckerberg had telephone conversations with President Obama about the case

Shortly after The Intercept information is posted , the NSA immediately respond to voice and assert allegations of The Intercept is incorrect .

" The new information here in the media have alleged that NSA distribute malware to millions of computers worldwide impersonation as social networking and other sites is not accurate ," said NSA in a notice given .

" NSA uses only his technical ability to support the legitimate intelligence activities and accordingly, all must comply with their authorities ," the NSA said.

Facebook has denied allegations by The Intercept . Reports from this site has also attracted the attention of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg , Zuckerberg forced to speak out about the incident on his personal page .

" I was very confused and disappointed by the repeated allegations about the behavior of the U.S. government . While our engineers are working tirelessly to improve security , we are protecting you against criminals , not our government , " Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page .


CEO Mark Zuckerberg has not be said before the allegations to rest on Facebook

"The U.S. government must protect the Internet, rather than as a threat. They need to be more transparent about what they do, otherwise people will believe the worst. I phoned the president to express his disappointment and loss that the government is creating the future of Facebook. Unfortunately, it looks like it takes a long time to get the facts and a complete renovation, "Zuckerberg said.

The Report's Intercept again raised concerns about the confidentiality and security of information on the Internet, especially on social networks, especially when there are more than 1 billion Facebook users around the globe.
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