Features you should know when using GOOGLE CHROME

There are more than 750 million users worldwide, so not only is considered as the fastest browser Google Chrome which is also known by the number of users when compared with most other browsers out there.

In less than 5 years of recent time, Chrome has become the best gateway to the world who use the internet. While browsing offers numerous useful features, but in fact there are many of them still will always appear first, simply because users are not even aware of it.

Here , I would like to introduce to you a number of useful features that you may have inadvertently forgotten and never to exploit it .

1 . "Variable " New Tab on a notepad :

While recording , if you find it annoying to keep switching between the browser and text editor , there is a fix for it . With the help of this code ( you need to paste it into the address bar of a new tab ) or this extension , you can switch to the new tab page of your Chrome browser in a text editor minimum . Although it does not offer any fancy features , it is still a good thing to have an editor to run in the adjacent tab .

2 . Subscribe to a specific web page :

Google Chrome gives you the power to control what a web page showing you , so if you want to disable any photos or media content appeared on a web page , you can be done in just a few clicks. In addition, you can also prevent a site to track your physical location , you can also block a particular site from tracking cookies

To do this, click on the site's favicon , and a small table will appear, disable what you do not want to run without your consent .

3 . Task Manager in Chrome :

The task manager in Windows and offers a multitude of things on each power supply processes and services running in the background . Not only can you end any processes using more than normal time to respond , but you can also enhance the speed of any process by increasing its priority . Although not as powerful as the main function but Google Chrome also comes with a task manager like that . By pressing Shift + Esc , you can open the task manager and check to see how much memory that a consumption tab , how much load it puts on the GPU and a few other issues . You can also " kill " a tab if it is " hanging " on your browser .

4 . To perform mathematical operations :

We already know how all the notes work done without having to leave Chrome as well as farewelling how about computer applications . With math , you just type in the address bar operations and will receive results from Google . You do not need to wait , Chrome will get an answer from Google and displays results right below your question immediately. This feature is useful for basic computing and then hopefully Google will improve it so that it will solve the math problem above to the user. Note , you need an Internet connection to get results .

5 . Mad Lab Visit :

Like laboratory testing of Gmail , where you can discover some handy tools and services , Chrome also has a Dexter's Laboratory . The Lab ( chrome :/ / flags ) are filled with great experiment describes the different functions . For example , there is a test to alert you immediately if there arises any conflict between the 3rd party modules , thus preventing any " accidents " for the browser . Print raster can help you solve the problem while printing a document .

Many people have complained about the bad experience while scrolling through web pages in Chrome . This can be solved by enabale Accelerated overflow scroll . In addition, in order to " smooth " than you can activate Smooth Scrolling . Notably , this problem will not stabilize by default , so any test that you discover on the Lab site can cause " accidents " and many other nasty things .

6 . Google Chrome Canary :

If you want to be a pioneer as one of the first to try the new features are added , you can download versions of Chrome Canary . Unlike beta stable and regular , Canary version received an update almost every day . But beware , this is not for those who can not tolerate the browser is " swinging treetops " , because the Canary version includes functionality unfinished and sometimes " off mid -spring " . You can install it with the stable version , if you want .

7 . Hard refresh :

Many websites do not refresh on its own , so you need to refresh them manually . Sometimes , even when you refresh , the new content will not appear on the site . Here is what you need to Hard Refreshing . Hard to ignore Refreshing cache sites that are stored in your computer and get one ( or most recent ) version available directly of it . To enable Hard refreshing simply press Ctrl + Shift + r .

8 . Create a user account :

If you have to share your computer with someone, and you do not want them to sneak into your web browsing history and suggestions on the address bar , you can create a separate account for them . Create a guest user account is quite simple . Go to settings , locate the user , and click Add new user . You can create a shortcut on the desktop client accounts to help you avoid the hassle of switching accounts manually.

9 . Search for specific types of content :

Google's search engine already so great that instantly returns you more results to " choke " . Type anything in the address bar will return results . However, even more amazing , if you want the image content , just add the word " image " before your query , similar to the video , adding " " video

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