Audi Connect: the car as a mobile hotspot

Audi Connect, mobile Internet of Proximus in the car

You can take the term ‘mobile Internet’ literally from now on, because Proximus and Audi Belgium will be collaborating to equipe new Audis in Belgium with an own Internet connection. Great for an optimal, improved navigationsystem and surfing experience, even in the car.

The market for connected cars will grow strongly in the coming years. According to market research firm Machina Research, 90% of all cars sold will have an integrated Internet connection by 2020. Proximus and Audi are therefore providing a specific data SIM card for use in new cars equipped with Audi Connect, with Proximus guaranteeing high-speed mobile Internet connections via 3G and 4G/4G+.

Audi Connect is a set of applications that connect the car, its occupants and the rest of the world with each other:

– Access via Online Media Streaming to the resources of music website Napster and Internet radio station AUPEO!.
– ‘Tankstop’ for finding the cheapest or closest petrol stations.
– Train Information and Flight Information for bus/train timetables and real-time flight departure or arrival times.
–  Meteo and City Events for checking what the weather is like at the destination and what’s on.
– Via the Wi-Fi hotspot, all passengers can also access the Internet with their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Proximus ensures Audi Connect users the best user experience for mobile Internet. The 3G network has almost total coverage, the 4G network already has 98.7% coverage and 4G+ is being rolled out at a fast rate. Owners of a new Audi with Audi Connect can use the smart connectivity services via the Proximus network free of charge for three months. Afterwards, they pay 20 euros per month for 3 GB in Belgium.

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