Ask the IT guy why not?

In ancient times the women of the mother, the love of a "fad". Guards are state dinner party dressed people, the people you love is understandable. Gleaming proudly beside himself when he wore the blue team, have stars on top, and men know how to write poetry said ...

Yet as time passed, the times have changed, there are still the team to pay exemplary loyalty but besides that there are many other choices, among them the IT guy ...


There is a little picture next to you from worry about information subjects , of course . Whether blind to much of IT is an IT guy next to score for the basic test of your word and excel is never under 9 .

Ask your IT peace of mind that you love your computer will be extremely attentive care . You want to install antivirus software ? Want more RAM installed ? Even the WC Landing or headphone ? The installation will be completely free . Ask IT pro you will find yourself much more .

Ask your IT people still do not take too much effort to protect as timeless love for my beloved computer , then he is no longer sure where the time to care for a love other than you both .

As long as that reason is enough to make you put your heart to one IT . Anyway , should also see a little painful right?

Grief :

When the love is IT , you will naturally have often compete with one another who upset the desktop or laptop that is his . The song " I and the computer you choose? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? " There will often be heard .

IT people work often focuses Ki = > You often hear the question unprovoked irritability when unexpected phone call at the right time he is doing .

Love IT , hope you do not get into the poetry scene he read me, he hit juniors sing . Tho it? In google search . U ? Just turn Window Media you will be kind enough to listen . The sight of the new IT guy pulled out against the window above my neighbor's canopy was actually the sound computer speakers placed nearby .

Your busy IT people should rest assured that one week a go next time DC guy , you're the happiest person in the world then ...

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