9 Reasons IT guy 'cut the heart' daughter

Intelligent, romantic, no 'bee butterfly' ... is the reason for the girls consider when choosing an IT guy working as lovers do.

Have you ever noticed a guy who "sit" inside the computer all day, hardly out of the room? That target market is the "electronic bugs", love computer and your phone immensely. In thinking of some girls, this is the ideal lover immensely.

1. He often non-IT "bee butterfly"


The computer expert felt very excited with computer , telephone or web tech by the passion that is their biggest . They never investigated or looked beautiful girl even when she passed by . They want to know about the latest gadgets in town than is the coolest girl . So when you ask the IT guy , the girl does not need to worry about the computer expert promiscuous outside .

2 . They are the " savior " of technology

Just imagine the night of your laptop power off automatically , while tomorrow you must have a very important presentation at school or company . You will have someone here ? Of course at night there's no repair center computer work at all. So , if you have a boyfriend who specializes in information technology, he will be the only one to save you . Not only that , he also help you in case of electronic devices malfunctioning it .

3 . They are very smart

It is proud to have a smart boyfriend , right? IT guy can understand the principle of operation of the engine or the microchip giant tiny like it because he can produce it. Love you girls sometimes come from admiration for the intelligence of this guy . The intelligence that might save you from difficult situations .

4 . They do not require too much

Expert computer has a quality that your favorite girl . They are satisfied with their utility rather than belittle you do not wear nice clothes . If you are nice and simple girl , maybe they will appreciate about you . But sometimes you column a bad haircut , you do not need to be too worried by the IT guy will not get angry about this. Instead, they may be interested in asking about the new phone that you buy or you can just use it like.

5 . They persevered and initiatives

IT professionals will not have to give up before a " disease" of computers they own or someone correct me . They always think this way all the way to troubleshoot . Of course until they " give up " the device it was really numb . Now they have to put the warranty . But nonetheless he still scored in the eyes of perseverance girlfriend .

6 . They have many good friends

The geeks will make friends with people with similar ideas with them , which is the other IT guy . Of course, good people often play with good friends . So most of his friends are also quite " benign " .

7 . They always take care of you


Is not this the guy who just know where each computer offline. Of course they are also sad to see other people while his twin pair have remained alone . The problem is he so fascinated by the world of technology should not "update " the way a girl flirt like. So just a girl voluntarily entered his life , he was really happy to have you beside . He will take care of you a maximum from the smallest needs .

8 . They all remember the special day

This is an element of the IT guy's girlfriend loved and respected. Not like the stylish young guy , who just likes gossip , even IT professionals can actually remember all those special anniversaries with you . For example, the first time they met , their first kiss , first date dating , fist first day and many other things . Maybe you 'll forget a few days and they will be prompted to you .

9 . They are extremely romantic

You try to imagine a domain name on the network is set to bring him your name . It is fun stars . He often can not offer flowers for his girlfriend but but will design a forum for you , by you , for you . If they are true geeks and then they can make a couple of iPhone apps based on your own characteristics so you spoiled " votes " in the world 's technology .

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