7 Reasons the girls (not) should love the tech guy

Warning: Read , read , read but do not ask authors this question in mind : "What is ultimately should or should not love you? "

1 . IT and damages during the period rather uneven

The period is often spoiled girl like love , like the love between girls often instantaneously . As constant as gravity. The bizarre love with IT , the face he usually plugged into the computer all day , the phone . You're like " make love " with binary rather than promiscuous . Hien and dry too , is also a crime .

However, the period of your IT guys told me that the IT guys often insomnia is caused by drinking too much Nestled tulle . Anyway , I was doubtful , because the other guy is spoiled period .

2 . I need love , you do not need plumber .

Ask why the girls love love all day sure many of you know , computer repair , electronics repair , repair water and electricity etc all are brothers hand . But the hero does not get to the heart through the beauty of it all ( can not ? ) Yeah , well , she does the plumber need you guys just love to go also.

3 . Do you mind the clever idea

" IT guy can understand every principle of operation of the engine or the microchip giant tiny " . Er , any ideas how to understand the numbers that the machines are intelligent you? Life in seven categories that intelligence agencies . Especially smart camera work studies was often very jackfruit special about life , love story .

4 . I would love the story down to the personal appearance to it

IT people often dress laissez-faire system , first make some other hair is tangled again ? So if you have ugly dress he well i do not care where . "I wear what is beautiful ? " - Ask admit , he looked i looked there , but which only nodded . So either you will quickly bored , or are you going so that self condone the wanton behavior of his dress and gradually forget the real beauty .

5 . He's quite dangerous

IT people are often quite radical friends in conversation . In other words they are not too sociable , but usually only play with people in the industry . So go out there , you also met one of the only IT people . The more that can go with IT people know . The danger of this , not just in a few sentences that speak . Like the specialized accounting period that likes to write poetry . Just love and know .

6 . Again remember " tough "

Supernatural memory always . On your birthday you'll never forget him worry okay . Many of her fascination because sometimes a vague statement saying he misses her . But think back to see , I remember during that memorable deep level like that ... remember ?

7 . Complete be surprised !

Recently, a guy programmed the stage name Robert Fink game took 5 months to create the game " Knight Man : A Quest for Love " to propose to his girlfriend . That's a lie that is being made ​​for a new project of the company , his girlfriend Angel White was innocent when testing games and pass a few simple challenge , the game screen message appears : "You was searching for a long time and overcome all dangers to find only one I love . He believes he has found them all ... Angel White heart , I will give him the honor to share life with me? " And when Angel clicking " Yes " to agree to end the game as well as while her " trap " to life Robert ! If the girl does not like surprises , do not love technology offline period .

After reading the girls also found themselves right answer , right? :)

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