Codetitle.com source library for community development Vinagon coder due in mid- 2013. Codetitle.com desire to create a source libraries in the World.

With the source code as core and technical documents Codetitle.com intensive practice will bring to those who love programming, as well as the coder , IT students have the knowledge and background to build up the software , world worthy website .

A simple interface not bulky compact , intelligent search system Codetitle.com proud of Vietnam is the first website providing this service .

The participants Codetitle.com need to have an account and the Executive in accordance with the provisions of Codetitle.com . New members will be awarded for capital accumulation Mega and Mega can use it to download files . When downloading files from other members will be deducted Mega , Mega number is being subtracted from the number of mega download file .

To build our library obliges members to upload files to accumulate Mega . Besides members can upload files loaded card in exchange for Mega ultra low cost ( that is the cost to maintain and support the code you use ) .

Megacode.vn have technical team is always ready to support online from 8 am to 22 pm night . When members upload files we have censorship and the file will carry , to be tested to give you peace of mind without fear of taking code code code that does not run or is there virult , shell .

On Megacode.vn not support or distributing software, website code theft ( piracy ) . Suggest you help us informed if discovered irregularities , we will strictly handle and support member agencies to handle law violations ( upon request ) .

We work with the motto "all for the community ."

File suggestion for you

File suggestion for you
Codetitle - library source code to share, download the file to the community
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