On-page optimization for multilingual sites

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The list below contains the issues should be given priority and focus in the process of implementing multilingual optimization campaign. We will contribute to bring competitive advantage on the charts for your web page.

Calculate keywords

There was a time, men do SEO brought up a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of keyword density. In fact, today, choosing the correct keywords is extremely important, but using density unreasonable, repetitive, not good at all.

All course any SEOer also want to get the long and short-tail keywords best. And keyword research base will be an essential part of the broader optimization and whole SEO process.

Calculate keywords

Once in the hands of many quality keyword, SEOer will take them to many different tricks in a natural way as possible. Google and other major search engines on a more intelligent in identifying synonyms, which means you can combine a lot of things and do not need to arrange content to appeal to both the information gathering as well as for visitors.

This time, Google is constantly updating the Penguin algorithm to deal with the act of stuffing keywords along with all the other spam techniques. So you should be alert to any proposal relating to keyword stuffing.

When working with content in a foreign language, you should remember one thing quite important and necessary it is not based entirely on the translation of the dictionary for the content in general and especially the keywords. For example like this, the keyword “car insurance,” (car insurance) Automatically translated into French as “l’assurance Automobile” (with cars). Perform a search query for the keyword “l’assurance Automobile” on the Google tool would return a series of really bad results and poor, there is no value.

However, conduct queries with terms such as “assurance auto” or “assurance voiture” for more results. You can see that the vulgar speech, abbreviations or changes in the region are not reflected in the translation from english courses.

Do not throw away the old translation, you should take advantage of it for comparison, or suitable replacement. Better you should seek the assistance of a translator native to get the keywords exactly means.
Optimize your domain name and URL address

Insert keywords carefully studied in the URL address properly is an extremely clever SEO techniques. This technique is not really necessary and important, but it plays an important role in promoting ranking on search engines.

In addition, both Google and Yahoo will show the part of the URL if they match your search terms bolded in the SERPs. This will attract the attention of the search, whether your search query in the top of the SERPs.

Google uses the content of the pages to determine the language. They do not use the information code as arts hall in HTML so you need to ensure the clarity of the language of the site by avoiding direct or creating content in a language and navigate in another language. However, you can use the URL provided to visitors a few clues regarding the content and language of the page.

VD on the URL below, use fr as subdomain or subdirectory to clearly display the text in French:



Top-level country domain name (english: Country code top-level domain, referred to as ccTLD) or short domain name: eg. Fr for France (France) or. Co.uk for the UK ( UK), the domain name also gives a certain value to the process by its target rating the content on your site to a specific country. Implement geographic targeting for localized sites or sites that make up the “local” in the eyes of visitors, this helps create the trust from customers. Registration costs as well as the only second a new domain name is not less, if you do not intend to invest, you can still perform a specific national culture on your site using the installation tool geographical targeting of Google.

Use a consistent title

In the optimization, the card title and subtitle text is the most important place to put keywords. The search engines pay special attention to the content of the HTML heading tags, therefore, need to make sure that there is at least one H1 tag (content should contain keywords and key) for your site.

To optimize the title tag on every page with all languages ​​or localized sites, you can also insert double keywords in sub card by including them in a list content in the link has a high click rate.


Do not disregard the meta tags

Recently, Google has officially announced the return of the Meta keyword tag disgraced after a long time.

For a long time, the SEO world knows that the use of keywords in these tags bring more negative effects than positive. The SEOer have to use this card to desired keyword stuffing to dominate search rankings as a act impure spam.

However, the new notifications Google, News_Keywords (meta keyword) only activity serves to provide resources for Google News, Google News help understand and classify content to return the correct information for the used when they are interested in a certain topic.

In SEO, the use of key words like “double-edged sword”, so there is clarity in the keyword tag is a necessity. No one is denying the practical value that optimizing title tags and meta descriptions for SEO campaigns. However, you need to learn the ways of indexing a particular page of a search engine, including the right direction for the optimization process.

On-page optimization for multilingual sites

On-page optimization or any other activities related to the promotion website ranking on SERPs is not a single step in the multi-language Web SEO campaign, but above all this is a crucial step for the success or failure of the campaign.

Posted on 25-03-2014 


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