Lesson 01 : What is WordPress ? What is WordPress Developer ?

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Hey guys , first words allows Connor to all the greetings and wishes for the best of health .

Connor is a brand new freetuts author and his main task is to develop the category WordPress , these articles are summarized by Connor experience working with WordPress in two years . Connor can sometimes write a little cumbersome and confusing to explain the desire for sympathy and ignored suggestions , as do back in school, the average score of their Literature is not high at all, the style also dry right quality IT people always . Rambled this much is enough , now we will go into the main theme of today offline.

First let's understand what the concept is WordPress .

1. What is WordPress ?

Wordpress is a CMS built from the programming language PHP and using MySQL database management system to store . WordPress was developed by Michel Valdrighi and public completely free (Open Source ) . Power Up to now, the latest version of WordPress is Version 4.3.1 , you can download WordPress in its homepage . Using WordPress you will feel like you are using a computer software because of its very professional features such as setup , manually download and install the plugin on the Internet , automated notification system .

Previously referred to as a CMS WordPress is often used to create blogs for individuals or businesses to create a simple website to promote the brand . However until the present time , it is no longer a Blog CMS anymore but become a tool to create various types of websites , including e-commerce sites array .

What about the concept of WordPress is probably not present themselves anymore , now we find out some of the problems related to WordPress .

WordPress has a large community :

This is absolutely true, WordPress is used quite extensively so had plenty of programmers participate in the development and use of WordPress. Not only that, now more and more sites appearing WordPress Theme offers as MyThemeShop.com, ThemeForest.com so you easily choose a template interface like that for himself. It is now averaging approximately 20% of well-known sites are presented using WordPress.  If you encounter an error in the process of using WordPress is easy to find on Google or join the WordPress community on facebook or forum, to ensure you get satisfactory answers immediately.  In terms of programming and development, but now there are many blogs sharing website programming knowledge FREE WordPress Festival so novice programmer easy access to the CMS. There are also many websites that offer programming courses are professional WordPress as udemy.com, lynda.com ...

WordPress easy to use :

If the customer siding , they rated WordPress hard to use, but if they take the time to learn the modules in the system and management functions Plugin , Widget , Menu , at that time the management is too simple scaffold.

If sided with developers , the time to create a website using WordPress is very fast compared to the pure PHP code itself , the reason is that WordPress has provided a full range of features required for a website , so all the work programmer's just based on the template to create a website interface .

WordPress Multi-language support :

WordPress offers a variety of packages with many different languages ​​. Previously , the Vietnamese are not supported but now the good news for you is that it has supported the Vietnamese Okay, so for those customers not fluent in English , you may choose to pack their Vietnamese easy to use offline .

And also many others , but I think you 'll find it in series to learn programming This WordPress theme , so I will not present more .

2. What is WordPress Developer ?

To understand what is WordPress Developer , you need to distinguish the two concepts are Web & Programming Creating various web at any point . First , I will briefly outline for creating offline web before .

Web design:

Web created the concept for those who do not usually specialize in programming , they often use the tools that are available or the source code is available to create the website. So these subjects must learn to use new tools and CMS that can be created.

Web programming :

This concept used to describe for programmers possess skills such as HTML & CSS, PHP - MySQL, Javascript to build the website. Their work is based on customer requirements for analysis database system, based on designs from Photoshop to turn into a dynamic website. Thus, the Web Developer to embark on building a web application will take a lot of time and effort, but in return, they will be easy to manage and upgrade the website.  Now to the main theme of this section is that WordPress Developer What is the concept?  Wordpress Developer is a website development platform based on open source WordPress, which means you will manually build all kinds of new posts Themes and plugins running on WordPress. To do this, you need to be equipped with the required knowledge of a web programming that I mentioned above.

WordPress folder well structured , easy to grow and expand , but only with the skills above is not enough that you need to refer to the functions that WordPress offers available for developers on WordPress Codex page . Here you will find a list of APIs and abundant Hooks makes building websites easier by WordPress .

3. Conclusion

Through this article you must understand two concepts partially WordPress and WordPress Developer What is the What is a right? If you still do not understand , please consult other sources on the Internet offline.  And short end this article I want to introduce to you that since my next post will start learning programming serie series WordPress theme , this is the series of free lessons and step by step so very fit newbie or you have some skill before but did not know the process of learning . Hope to see you in the next post .

Lesson 01 : What is WordPress ? What is WordPress Developer ?

Hey guys , first words allows Connor to all the greetings and wishes for the best of health .

Posted on 26-04-2016 


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