7 best iPhone accessories for smarter photography

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Now, you may have a decent DSLR, Photoshop CC expertise and even a photo studio, but if something presents itself to you when you are out and about, there's not time to run to the car and back, set up your tripod, and shoot. That's where your iPhone comes in, and with one or two of these handy pocket accessories it could become even more useful...

01. Joby Gorilla Mobile

 Joby Gorilla MobileOne of the best iPhone accessories around is the Joby Gorilla, part of a family of pocket tripods

  • Price: £27

Joby's Gorilla tripods allow you to fix cameras in all sorts of positions that would otherwise be impossible. This one is designed specifically for the iPhone 4 and 4S and allows you to stand the iPhone, sit it down, set it at an angle, or, best of all, wrap the legs around a tree branch or railing.

02. iPhone RangeFinder and Lens kit

 RangeFinderThe RangeFinder is not only one of the best iPhone accessories but has retro charm too

  • Price: $99

Not only does this RangeFinder case make your iPhone look like a retro camera, it adds a real shutter button and viewfinder. There are aperture numbers too. But perhaps the best bit is the magnetic lens system, just snap on  the telephoto, macro, or fisheye lens and you're ready to go.

03. FlipCage

 FlipCageThe FlipCage is nominative perfection: it's a cage, and it flips

  • Price: £20 

The FlipCage comes in two parts. There's a clip on tripod mount adaptor which can be used to fix your iPhone to any standard tripod. And there's the cage itself. The cage folds out to hold your iPhone in different positions in either landscape or portrait mode.

04. Glif

 GlifThe Glif's double functionality makes it one of the best iPhone accessories for taking photos

  • Price: £18

The Glif has two functions: to prop your iPhone up so you can put it on a desk, table, or wall to take pictures, and to attach it to a standard tripod. It's made of rubberised plastic and is small enough to slip easily into a bag, or even your pocket.

05. Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit

 HolgaThe Holga is a work of colourful, phone-dial-esque cleverness

  • Price: £13

Holga's lens filter kits slips onto your iPhone like a case, but provides you with eight Holga filters. To change between them you just rotate the dial until the one you want is over the lens. The filters are all of the fun variety - two, three, and four images in one shot, a red filter with a heart cut-out, and a 60mm macro lens makes for some unusual shots.

06. PhotoJojo Telephoto Lens

 telephoto lensIt may look a bit silly, but it really works!

  • Price: $35

Who cares if this telephoto lens makes your iPhone look like it's sprouted a nose of Pinnochio proportions? It gives the iPhones camera an 8x optical zoom, and has a manual focus ring. The lens comes with an iPhone case to keep it fixed on, and there's a table-top tripod and cleaning cloth included too.

07. OlloClip Lens system

Three lenses in one, that's what makes the OlloClipone of the best iPhone accessories

  • Price: £41

Three lenses - a wide-angle, a fisheye, and a macro - in one tiny clip-on package. The Ollo Lens system is a remarkable feat of engineering and looks cool too!

This selection first appeared in Tap! Magazine.

7 best iPhone accessories for smarter photography

Improve your photography! Each of these useful bits of kit can help make your iPhone shots even better. It's all very well using the latest photo apps to acheve the best results from your smartphone camera, but if you haven't taken a decent shot in the first place there's only so much a bit of photo editing software can do to save the day.

Posted on 26-03-2014 


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